NZ Music Month

MAY is NZ MUSIC MONTH, and as the CHAMPIONS OF LOCAL MUSIC, MPR is excited to be teaming up with a number of musicians and organisations to celebrate NZMM! Join us in celebrating the talent and creativity in Manawatū's Music Community!


"With a focus on up-and-coming artists making waves in the music industry, celebrating the success of rising stars, and continuing to boost them as they climb the ranks in Aotearoa." -

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, MPR has been unable to prepare events for 2022.
However, we are in the process of putting together footage of 2021's events, and, as normality resumes, we will endeavor to support any local performances throughout the rest of 2022. #WatchThisSpace! 

Throwback to NZMM 2021: (Playlist above)
The Mystery Songwriter Session
Last year MPR began a new initiative for NZMM, The 'Mystery Songwriting Session', which brought together five local musicians who (hopefully!) hadn't collaborated together previously. With the aim of producing an original song, we facilitated and documented the first meeting of the band members, the songwriting session (with thanks to The Stomach!), and the first performance of the song at an event in May 2021.

The Songwriter's Circle
We invited local musicians to come and talk about their song-writing processes in the framework of "Something Old, Something New, and an Influential Cover"
Featured Musicians include: Jeff Carr; Laura Evans; Kane Parsons and UCOL Music; Daniel Ashcroft*; and Denni Wintyr*. 
*- Videos Coming Soon!

Other Ways MPR Celebrates NZMM:
KIWI MUSIC Featured in Local Programming:

Whilst MPR gives full editorial control to local content creators, we do encourage celebrating NZMM, particularly to music-focused programmes. 

Hugh's Featured Tracks, is a daily segment on The Morning Show (8am Weekdays) which often features new music from NZ On Air, as well as the Manawatu Sounz initiative; The Sunday Live Zone (5pm Sundays), and The Showcase (8pm Weeknights) include replays of historical events; And, we also include local music every available hour outside of programming.

More Info on Manawatu Sounz:
Are you a musician? Want to get your music heard on radio? Head over to our Manawatu Sounz page!

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