Manawatu Sounz

What is Manawatu Sounz?

The name and branding are an homage to Access Radio in Manawatu's origin, the initiative itself is MPR's response to a lack of LOCAL music on the radio! We've dedicated an entire music category in our library to music from Manawatu, and it's really easy for you to submit your music for consideration.

Is my music good enough?

Chances are - YES! Get it to us in one of the ways listed below and we'll check it out.

What we're really concerned with though, is quality. Digital copies should be as high quality as you can create. The lower the sample rate, the less likely we are to add it to our library.

Do you REALLY play "thrash hardcore death fusion beat based bagpipe music?"

Diversity is the name of the game here at MPR, and there is a space in our schedule for ANY genre of music. Expletives are to be kept to a minimum though! If we feel that your music is also of interest to one of our many programme makers, we'll pass it along too. Maybe you could consider a special music programme dedicated to your favourite genre? Find out more about creating your own programme here, or  contact the station  for more information.

OK, so how do I get my music to you?

Firstly, please  do not  send us an email with a large attachment. This clogs up the system and makes it hard for us to get your material.

We prefer links to soundcloud, bandcamp, reverbnation or a file sharing site like dropbox.

Email a small bio about you and your music, along with links to it, to

If you don't have access to the internet, you can also drop in a USB stick, a CD, even cassettes and vinyl. Again, please bear in mind our quality concerns here.

What happens then?

Our Programme Coordinator will listen to your music and judge whether the quality is appropriate for the station, and whether it's appropriate for broadcast. If there are any concerns, you'll hear from us.

If approved, the song(s) will be added to our Manawatu Sounz library for playing on air!

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