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PB and H Show

Welcome to Pipebombs and Headlocks, a show for all things wrasslin!

Hosted by local wrestling fans: The "Voice of Reason" Sammy G, and Ravishing Rosie Rude! Join us for hour long (minimum) discussions on the latest happenings inside and out of The Squared Circle!

Content Warning: Some Language May Offend

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PB and H Show - 12-02-2019 Episode 50
EPISODE 50 - Rosie Rude and Sammy G run through upcoming NZ Events, as well as their IPW: Whanganui Warfare thoughts/results. In the Podcast Extra they give their thoughts on WWE Elimination Chamber 2019, as well as WrestleMania 35 build, and how Rosie would fix WWE!
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PB and H Show - 05-02-2019 Episode 49
NZ Updates, NXT TakeOver, WWE RR 2019 w/ Rob Wilkinstein - Sammy G, and Rosie Rude, are joined in the studio by Rob Wilkinstein to give his thoughts on recent WWE/NXT Events, plus updates from Asylum Pro, SPW, CPW, and hype for this weekend's IPW: Whanganui Warfare show!
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PB and H Show - 29-01-2019 Episode 48*
NZ Updates, NXT TakeOver: Phoenix, and WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2019 - Rosie Rude, and Sammy G, give some quick updates on the NZ Scene, as well as their thoughts on NXT TakeOver: Phoenix, and of course, the WWE Royal Rumble 2019!
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PB and H Show - 22-01-2019 Episode 47*
WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2019, NXT TakeOver: Phoenix, and updates on the Get Mitchell to WrestleMania Updates! - Rosie Rude, and Sammy G are joined by Rob Wilkinstein and 'The Spartan' Sam Black to talk about the upcoming Royal Rumble event, as well as previous Rumble moments, upcoming wrestling events in NZ, MitchellMania DVDs and more!!! (Episode includes a podcast extra content!)
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PB and H Show - 15-01-2019 Episode 46*
MANALANCHE - Ravishing Rosie Rude, and Sammy G are joined in the studio by Ben Mana, and on the phone by Ben's tag-team partner: Adam Avalanche! Discussing how they got into wrestling, how MANALANCHE started, and much MUCH more!
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PB and H Show - 01-01-2018 Episode 45
The Super Spartans - Rosie Rude and Sammy G kick off 2019 with Superhero Jay Marshall, and 'The Spartan' Sam Black!
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PB and H Show - 25-12-2018 Episode 44
Xmas Special! - Sammy G and "The Christmas Ruiner" Rosie Rude, discuss TLC 2018, with a couple of Wrestling-related Xmas tunes in the spirit of the season!
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PB and H Show - 18-12-2018 Episode 43
ROSIE'S RETURN - We have not heard from Rosie since MitchellMania, but after a month in The United Kingdom, Rosie is BACK on PBandH - she joins Sammy G in the studio to talk NXT TakeOver: WarGames, Survivor Series, TLC, and more! Plus, results for IPW's Nightmare Before Xmas from the weekend!
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PB and H Show - 11-12-2018 Episode 42
NZ Scene, Get Mitchell to WrestleMania Update, and Triple H Appreciation Day - Sammy G is in the studio by himself again this week! Giving a run-down on recent NZ Events, as well as looking at the upcoming Nightmare Before Xmas event for IPW. Plus, an update on the Get Mitchell to WrestleMania campaign, and talking a bit about NXT US and UK - focusing on Dakota Kai, and Travis Banks! Featured Music - All tracks played this week are songs used by, or related to Triple H! Including a Podcast Only track!
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PB and H Show - 04-12-2018 Episode 41
NZ Scene, Rob Wilkinstein from KPW, and WWE Survivor Series 2018 - Sammy G is joined in the studio by former Kiwi Pro Wrestling Referee, Rob Wilkinstein, to talk about his background in wrasslin', his time in KPW, and together they talk about the recent WWE Survivor Series 2018 PPV. Featured Tracks: "Oh Hell Yeah" - H-Blockx, and "End of Everything" by Stereomud
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PB and H Show - 27-11-2018 Episode 40
NZ Scene, and NXT TakeOver WarGames - The Voice of Reason Sammy G is back in the MPR Studio! Tonight, he goes through recent and upcoming NZ Events in the first half of the programme; Then, spends the second half on a rundown on the recent NXT TakeOver WarGames II event! Featured music includes: Various themes from NXT!
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PB and H Show - 20-11-2018 Episode 39
MITCHELLMANIA: Post-show thoughts - Ravishing Rosie Rude and The "Voice of Reason" Sammy G give their initial thoughts a few hours after CPW's debut event: MitchellMania - A charity fundraiser for NZ's #1 Wrestling Fan - Mitchell Fels!
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PB and H Show - 13-11-2018 Episode 38
MITCHELLMANIA - The "Voice of Reason" Sammy G is in Wellington ahead of MitchellMania - a Charity Wrestling Event, this Saturday! He runs through IPW and UCW event results, plus upcoming NZ Shows, and opportunities for tryouts in NZ. In part two, full-focus on MitchellMania including an interview with CPW promoter, Jay Marshal, about MitchellMania recorded at Wellington Access Radio! In honour of their recent visit to NZ, all featured music throughout the show from: FOZZY!
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PB and H Show - 06-11-2018 Episode 37
Maniacs United Results, WWE Evolution, and NZ vs. THE WORLD - Tonight on PBandH, Rosie and Ronny Rotten join Sammy G in the studio! They go through the weekend's Maniacs United All Women's Wrestling Show results, and go through the WWE Evolution PPV from last week. Podcast Only Bonus: The team go through their NZ vs. The World fantasy booking challenge, as set last week by Superhero Jay Marshal! (Winner Announced November 10th at 6pm!)
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PB and H Show - 30-10-2018 Episode 36
SUPERHERO JAY MARSHAL - Ravishing Rosie Rude, and Sammy G are joined in the studio by local wrestler/promoter Superhero Jay Marshal! They discuss Jay's background in wrestling as a fan, as well as the beginning of his path to wrestling, his time with NZWPW, recent events, The Rise of CPW, and MitchellMania! PLUS - Jay sets the team a creative challenge for next week's show!
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PB and H Show - 23-10-2018 Episode 35
NZ Updates, Hype, and more! - Ronny Rasslin' and Ravishing Rosie Rude join Sammy G who kicks off this week's show with updates from Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling, Southern Pro Wrestling, Maniacs United, and Capital Pro Wrestling/MitchellMania; Then, the team discusses SmackDown! 1000; Crown Jewel, Evolution, and more! PODCAST EXTRA: Sammy G brings up a recent "news" story as a discussion point... and it all goes horribly wrong! Plus Halloween ideas, and more banter!
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PB and H Show - 16-10-2018 Episode 34
UCW, SPW, CPW's MitchellMania and more! - The PBandH Team run through the recent UCW Woolston Warfare results; SPW's Takeover of Manic Monday's at Radio Southland - Including MitchellMania hype; PLUS - Rosie's latest Creative Challenge, and much more! Speaking of MitchellMania - listen in to get a promo code exclusive to PBandH Listeners!
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PB and H Show - 09-10-2018 Episode 33
MitchellMania Updates, plus SUPER SHOWDOWN Review - This week on PBandH, Sammy G makes a few corrections, as well as discussing the Birth of CPW - Capital Pro Wrestling, and their upcoming MitchellMania fundraiser, plus the team give their thoughts on the WWE Super ShowDown from Australia over the weekend! Plus a tangential "What If" scenario featuring WCW!
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PB and H Show - 02-10-2018 Episode 32
WWE 2K19 and more! - This week, Sammy G flies solo in the studio - covers the upcoming WWE SuperShowDown card, as well as WWE 2K19, an update on the Mitchell Fels GiveALittle Campaign, as well as some news involving the NZ Wrestling Scene!
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PB and H Show - 25-09-2018 Episode 31
RAY-GUN - The PBandH Team catch up with local wrestler Regan aka Ray-Gun about his time in America with the now defunct New Wave Wrestling, training, his backyard ring, plus road stories, and more!
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PB and H Show - 18-09-2018 Episode 30
NZWPW and HELL IN A CELL 2018 REVIEW! - Join the PBandHShow team as Rosie runs down the Friday Night "...In Epuni" event, as well as their thoughts on Hell In A Cell 2018: including HAIKUS!!!
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PB and H Show - 11-09-2018 Episode 29
ALL IN REVIEW, NZWPW and more! - The PBandH Team w/ new member Rosie, run down the recent ALL IN event hosted by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, in association with New Japan Pro Wrestling, Impact! Wrestling, and Ring of Honor! As well as updates on the Mitchell Fels Give-A-Little, and the upcoming NZWPW show in Epuni this Friday Night!
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PB and H Show - 04-09-2018 Episode 28
ROSIE on WRASSLIN' - The PBandH Team are joined by local wrestling fan, Rosie, who shares her intro to wrestling story, list of favorite performers, favourite match etc.; As well as a "Creative Challenge"/Fantasy Booking Bonus in the second half of the show!
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PB and H Show - 28-08-2018 Episode 27
Mitchell Fels Shoutout, and WWE SummerSlam 2018 - The PBandHShow team discuss the GiveALittle campaign to help get NZ's Biggest Wrestling Fan - Mitchell Fels - to WWE WrestleMania 35 next year, as well as giving their thoughts on WWE SummerSlam 2018, plus tangents, and more!
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PB and H Show - 21-08-2018 Episode 26
NZWPW Events, and NXT TakeOver Brooklyn! - First Half: The PBandH Team discuss the recent Dave Meltzer controversy, as well as Sammy G's recent trip to Wellington for NZWPW Events. Second Half: The team discusses NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn! (SummerSlam 2018 review Next Week!)
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